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Blood Issue #2

Read the second issue of the monthly comic book “Blood” a story about a courageous prince who has to brave a great Egyptian fantasy land, filled with magic and monsters to save his empire from a grave new threat not seen since the Empire’s conception.

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Comic God Productions proudly presents BLOOD Issue # 2, an action adventure comic book!

What is the Set Empire you ask? Who is Sethos? Why Should You Read Blood, an Action Packed Fantasy Series by Tredel the Comic God?

All great questions. I could tell you all about the thrilling fast paced adventure, the drama, the jokes, and the magic, all set in a dazzling ancient Egyptian fantasy world… but I’d rather just let you see for yourself.

Download and read at your leisure – it’s a total vibe!

BLOOD COMIC BOOK ISSUE # 2 – After the young prince Sethos’s short adventure, he comes home to get to the real action.

Sethos runs into his royal family members, and must confront the great elders of his kingdom to try and do what’s right for an empire he may one day inherit.

Will his bravery bare any fruit, or will he fumble the bag and doom his empire?

What are the true stakes of this great mystery?

Can Sethos juggle this world altering issue while dealing with the drama that comes with family?

Read this great creator owned graphic novel and find out!

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