Blood Issue #1

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Read the first issue of the monthly comic book “Blood” a story about a courageous Prince who has to brave a great Egyptian fantasy land, filled with magic and monsters to save his empire from a grave threat not seen since the empires conception.

Comic God Productions proudly presents … BLOOD!!!

What is the Set Empire you ask? Who is Sethos? Why Should you read this Comic Series by Tredel the Comic God?

All great questions. I could tell you all about the action packed adventure, the drama, the jokes…but I’d rather just let you see for yourself. Download and read at your leisure – it’s a vibe!

ISSUE 1 – The last tournament of the Battle of Heroes gives wealth, fame, and bragging rights to the winner of this great competition that gives the strongest person in the continent a chance to change there lives, but this is all changed when a mysterious hooded man enters the fray!

Who is this strange man?

What are his intentions?

What could this mean for this sacred competition?

1 review for Blood Issue #1

  1. Lili

    Love this first issue, excited to read more from Tredel The Comic God. Amazing art - super cool!!!

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