Durrant, Super Mentor

Created by Tredel Lambert, aka Tredel the comic god

Gary Durrant has a legacy of connecting with young people and inspiring excellence. As a Motivational Speaker, NBA & NCAA Agent, professional Educator, and former Owner/Director of a basketball camp, Gary understands how to mentor and support young adults, and facilitate opportunities for their success.

“I have known Gary since I was little” says Canadian Illustrator Tredel Lambert, aka Tredel the Comic God. “My mom was a single parent, and over the years Gary offered me scholarships to attend his camp” Tredel reflects.

“For me, basketball was about having fun and getting to hang out with a really cool guy who wanted the best for me. Gary saw my art skills and was always encouraging. I remember the life-lessons he would teach me. I carried those lessons into my profession and have seen the benefits of his leadership in my life. Now, I am starting to get recognition as an Artist, and Gary continues to encourage my success.” Tredel is the creator behind the Durrant, Super Mentor (DSM) illustration, paying tribute to Gary and his legacy of mentoring young men globally.