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Hey Humans, I hope you enjoy my comics. Reading my comic is FREE but tips are always appreciated, you can set your price to anything ($0-$1M lol) in the downloads. You can preview a few pages before you download, and you can download my comic below. Your entertainment is #1 for me, so go enjoy my stories 🙂


Blood - ISSUE # 1

The last tournament of the Battle of Heroes gives wealth, fame, and bragging rights to the winner of this great competition that gives the strongest person in the continent a chance to change there lives, but this is all changed when a mysterious hooded man enters the fray!

Who is this strange man?

What are his intentions?

What could this mean for this sacred competition?

Blood - ISSUE # 2

Sethos must confront the great elders of his Kingdom to try and do what’s right for an empire he may one day inherit. 

Will his bravery bare any fruit, or will he fumble the bag and doom his empire?


What are the true stakes of this great mystery?

Can Sethos juggle this world altering conflict while dealing with the drama that comes with family?

Read this great creator owned graphic novel and find out!

One Shot Comic Shorts

Captain Action - One shot #1

Captain Action Issue #2
Captain Action Issue #3
Captain Action Issue #4