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Blood is a story about a courageous Prince who has to brave a great Egyptian fantasy land, filled with magic and monsters to save his empire from a grave threat not seen since the empires conception.

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About Tredel Lambert

Tredel Lambert is a professional Illustrator, Character Artist, Sequential Artist, Storyteller, and Creator.

This young Sheridan College graduate is making headlines with his Art and its impact on pop culture and community.

Career Highlights include:

  • Black Heroes in History: Fiction 2021 art exhibit
  • Hip Hop Heroz children’s book series:
    • Jack Fly, released 2018 – endorsed by Canadian Reggae Legend, Snow (available on Amazon)
    • No Chainz, released 2020 (available on Amazon)
    • Fit Fanny Fantastic, coming out 2021
  • Once Upon an Illustration – YouTube Series
  • One-Shot Comic Shorts

Tredel is currently creating his first full comic book.


Tredel Lambert aka Tredel the Comic God is a professional Illustrator, Storyteller, Creator, and Personality. He also consults, freelances, and partners on major art projects that are a fit for his brand.  This includes working with art Sponsors and brand partners to create mutually beneficial art pieces, exhibitions, and projects. 


The Frog King
Cat & Mouse...
Our Lady's Child
Epidode 4

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Episode 9

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Headlines . Releases . Exhibits . & More…

Black Heroes in History

Canadian Artist Celebrates Black Heroes in Fiction

The Making Of...
Comic Book DocuSeries

Coming Soon


Hip Hop Heroz are loveable characters that teach children life skills.
Jack Fly teaches kids confidence as he takes these school children on a fun adventure. Endorsed by Canadian legendary reggae artist snow, Jack Fly is the first release in the hip hop heroz series.
No Chainz is a smart and savvy character who teaches young people the power of financial intelligence. Using fun lyrics No Chainz will make you want to live that 'money wise' lifestyle!

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